Júlia Sarlai

Your Guide in Hungary!


Dear Passanger

I would like to invite you to the Land of Magyar’s. We settled in Carpathian Basin in 896. By King István was found the state for us. During Turkish occupacion were build the Turkish baths in Hungary. We have about 500 spas in the country. In 1867 we founded the Austro – Hungarian Monarchy. In that year were crowned Francis Joseph and Queen Elisabeth (Sissy). If you want to know the Sissy’s secrets, come to us for the answers. Listen to the voice of Danube! It is talling to you a lot of mysteries of Budapest. Come to see our castles and feel the atmosphere of our warriors. Enjoy the country life in Puszta with Hungarian sepherds. Listen to the melody of Kálmán, Lehár and have a great party with Gipsy music! Are you ready? Let’s travel with me!

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